RF and CMTS Support

This offers the benefits of: 
  • Cost: removes the need to upgrade the onboard network in order to deliver a premium service experience  
  • Flexibility: service modules can be activated based on the underlying network capabilities  
  • Service evolution: the underlying MAXICASTER solution is the same for both environments allowing operators to upgrade if and when required  




So… what is the difference?

The major difference between onboard CMTS and RF network environments is the availability of Internet Protocol (IP). IP uses digital networks as opposed to radio frequency providing some additional service possibilities. Services such as a dedicated VoD storefront or Catch-up TV are only possible via CMTS networks. So in simple terms… CTMS unlocks some additional modules from the MAXICASTER service portfolio. 

But I want to retain my RF network 

No problem. MAXICASTER unlocks a number of premium service possibilities over RF networks including Live TV, Playout Channels and near-VoD. See the following links for some examples of premium services over RF