Online IPTV and Multiscreen Solution

STB + Multiscreen

MAXICASTER solution supports all major device types ensuring usability and discovery anywhere, anytime

To complement and enhance the usability of the service, MAXICASTER have developed a suite of reference clients for the major device types and Operating Systems. The MAXICASTER reference client provides an off-the-shelf advanced interface which can facilitate a rapid service launch. The User Interfaces have been designed with a key eye on usability as well as providing a premium experience for the end user.
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These clients can be customized according to a customers’ requirements. Alternatively a client can be re-designed based on an operator’s requirements.

Reference clients are available for the following device families:

  • STB (native and Android)
  • iOS (iPad and iPhone)
  • Android (tablet + phone)
  • PC/MAC
  • Connected TV (based on request)